what do you savor?

You know a meal is good or a restaurant has great food when you think about what you ate, days later? That’s good food right!?!? When you go back to that meal or restaurant you tend to savor the food a little bit more than the time before too. 

I rarely feel this way about drive-thru meals. I don’t think I have ever pondered and longed for a quarter pounder with cheese. Those meals are often purchased and consumed out of necessity because the family needs to eat before someone’s head gets “bit-off.”

Recently, I was thinking that we treat our Bible time the same way. We say that it is precious and we treasure it, but then our morning gets rushed and it is no longer a priority. For example, we open our Bible and carve out time to read it, but do we hunger for it? Do we feast on this word like we do our grandma’s Thanksgiving meals? Do we saturate ourselves in this word letting it fully wash over our souls? Too often we are satisfied with the proverbial “drive-thru happy meal”, instead of the made from scratch home-cooked meal. 

One of my passions in developing female leaders is to cultivate a deep longing for God’s word…not just dutiful obedience to reading it. That’s what Jesus wants for us too. This word is living and active. It will change you and bring freedom to your soul. Just like any other relationship, you have to invest time in it. Just like now, 16 years into my marriage, I can feel it when my husband and I are not spending quality time together. When that happens, we acknowledge it and make it a priority to spend intentional quality time together. The truth is, I love my husband more now than I did 17 years ago when we spent so much time on the phone together, but that is because we have grown together, invested in our relationship, and made each other a priority. 

I have been known to say “This Bible is better than any PBS masterpiece show or Netflix binge-worthy series.” The more you spend time with God reading and applying His word, the more you fall in love and admire it.

Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:31-32

By Ally D

Wife, mama, daughter of the King of Kings. I love to read the Bible or book, & a great cup of coffee. I love seeing women Flourish in Christ, in community, & their calling! Minister, speaker, and writer.

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