how do you refresh?

The definition of REFRESH is to restore strength. To maintain by renewing supply. In the definition of the word REFRESH, we see activity. We see busyness, we see the hustle and bustle of life. But, we also see the need to restore and renew. The going and doing isn’t always wrong or bad. The downfall comes when we forget to restore our strength and renew our supply. 

By nature I am introverted, I’m an internal processor, and I like to sit with my thoughts before sharing them. This makes me laugh when I think about what I do for a living, I share my thoughts with others daily, either virtually, in one-on-one meetings, in small groups, or in large gatherings.   But, it also shows that He knows exactly what I need to not become all walled up and stagnant! 

The season I currently find myself in does not allow me to pull away for a weekend and find Refreshing the way I prefer. So, instead of waiting for the perfect time to come, here is how I find refreshing throughout my days and weeks in busyness. 

Before we jump into the how’s of being refreshed let’s talk about WHY we need to refresh. One definition states, (refreshing) “To bring back to an original state or normal condition.” Our time of refreshing is to ultimately bring us back to an original state or normal condition. When I read that through my faith lens (a follower of Jesus) that means allowing Jesus to restore, redeem, and reconcile me to Him. Not just as my Savior. But, the pain in my soul, the hurts, and wounds I carry around. Because in this life of mine there are a lot of arrows that come my way every day. Refreshing for me means to sit and process those arrows – how they hit me; mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

What does taking time to Refresh look like for me?

The goal of being refreshed is to restore strength and renew supply. So, being refreshed is all about your rhythms and routines. This way you are maintaining your strength and supply. Instead of burning out!

Finding Refreshing has 3 keys ‘ingredients’ for me:

  1. Being alone with Jesus
  2. Shutting out the “noise” of life
  3. Getting out of my normal “spot”

Pressing into refreshing for me means I get outside. I love being outside. Second, it means I can be alone because remember I’m an introvert that spends a lot of hours interacting with other people. Third, the only “noise” I hear is the sound of nature – not man-made noise – through podcasts and music. 

I try to do this on a small scale each day – this looks a lot like an early morning walk or an evening spent on my front porch. I also schedule morning appointments 2x a month with Jesus. This is in addition to my regular daily quiet time. These meetings are usually 1-2hr chunks of time to sit at the feet of Jesus allowing Him to minister to me. And lastly, I schedule a 1-weekend beach trip a year all by myself. As a wife, mom, and minister who is constantly serving others, this is the best gift my husband gives me every single year! 

Maybe you’re not an introvert and this all sounds terrible to you! That’s ok, find what does bring you refreshment. Maybe it’s a hiking, gardening, or restoring an old piece of furniture. All I’m saying is that to be refreshed we need to shut out the noise of life and invite Jesus into that activity to speak to the arrows we encounter throughout our daily life. 

How do you get REFRESHED?

By Ally D

Wife, mama, daughter of the King of Kings. I love to read the Bible or book, & a great cup of coffee. I love seeing women Flourish in Christ, in community, & their calling! Minister, speaker, and writer.

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