standing appointments

One of the questions I get asked the most is, “What does sitting with Jesus really look like?”. I think, as women, we have created this picture of a moment like Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus. Even though our physical posture may not look like Mary’s, it’s the posture of her heart we actually want to imitate. She was able to shut out all distractions. To sit with Jesus quietly, attentively, and fully devoted to Him. This is what our soul aches for and we so desperately need to create time for this in our schedules. 

This would not be my daily time spent reading and meditating on scripture. This is a separate standing appointment I have scheduled every 2 weeks for an extended amount of time. Initially, I blocked out a couple hours of my morning, but in full transparency, I spent the first 45 mins trying to get my mind to fully be present and not think about the 100 other things I COULD be doing! 

The goal of this time is for me to hear what Jesus is speaking to me. A time to help me tie together what He is working on in my life. Ok, so now for the practicals…this time does not look the same every time I meet with Jesus because, let’s be honest, if my husband and I did the same thing and talked about the same things every time we went on a date, our marriage would be BORING. In the same way, this time does not have a “formula”. You will have to figure out what this time and your communication with Jesus looks like for you. 

Most of the time I start off just sitting or lying quietly for several minutes. This is to quiet my mind and focus my attention on Jesus. 

Then I ask, “What do You want to say or share with me today?”.  From there, one of the following things usually happens….

I take time to read thru my journal – to reflect and tie together connections from sermons and what I have studied in the Bible. 

See common words or themes that God has been speaking to me over the past couple weeks.

I then write out the connections as I pray through them intentionally listening to what Jesus wants to speak to me. At other times, I play music and just sit quietly, like Mary, attentively waiting to hear what Jesus wants to speak to me. 

If you don’t already do this, I encourage you to try it! Get your calendar out today and schedule a meeting with Jesus. Then after you do it, schedule a time to do it again! What does sitting with Jesus look like for you?

By Ally D

Wife, mama, daughter of the King of Kings. I love to read the Bible or book, & a great cup of coffee. I love seeing women Flourish in Christ, in community, & their calling! Minister, speaker, and writer.

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